FAQ | YungBoss - Become That Boss!


1.) What is the acceptable currency? This is strictly Naija platform so the only currency allowed here is "Naira" 2.) Is this a pyramid scheme? No it is not. It is a simple peer to peer platform that runs on the influx of club members 3) Do I need direct referrals before I'm paid? No! You don't need direct referrals before you are paid. But we encourage you to tell serious and determined people about Yungboss.com. We need influx of people to sustain the platform and hence maintain the payments spree 4) Will I have referral link to invite people? No! All you need do is to share the site URL - www.yungboss.com to the right people. We don't want to add more pressure 5) Can I do more than one package at a time? No, you can't. One package at a time for each account 6) Can I own multiple accounts? If you must, then it must be different e-mails address, username and names. The account details might be the same 7) The person(s) that was matched to pay me is not picking calls or the number is switched off. Don't worry. Simpy exercise patience. As soon as the 12 hours time limit elapses, he will be flushed out and you will be rematched instantly. However, you may choose to purge the person out if he/she delays for over 6 hours but ur rematch may take a little time because we will need to verify your action whether it is legal before we rematch another person(s) for you 8) What if the person says bluntly that he or she can't pay? It is simple. Purge him out as soon as possible. We will also take our time to verify your actions too... But be careful not to abuse the use of the purge button or you will be deleted off the system completely. Lets apply absolute maturity and honesty 9) Do I have to upload POP before I'm confirmed? No! Call whom you are to pay to before and after payments and be sure he/she has received payments. Hence, confirms you. But in case he/she denies receiving payments you can then contact admin with your POP. Whoever, is found guilty will be deleted off the system permanently 10) I don't do online banking Please don't register during the weekend. Wait till week days. However, the century we are requires everyone to be able to do online banking or USSD money transfer. Hence we challenge you to upgrade 11) I registered because I was expecting money. It is simple. Don't register if the money is not readily available. 12) You said that you will advertise our businesses for free on the site. How do we qualify? Good question. If you recycle more than 5 times, you are qualified to have your advert displayed on the page 13) I love YungBoss Club of Nigeria and I wish them to last longer and keep putting smiles on Nigerian faces Don't just stay in one corner and wish after receiving payments, Mbok, ejo, Biko, dan'llah, abeg and please, kindly recycle and then spread the gospel according to YungBoss Club because dis na our own. So make we join hands together to make am tanda girigba for ground. 14) None of my pressing questions is included here You no get wahala, Just contact our Support. We are ever ready to serve you. If we don't assist you. Who will? Thank you for believing in YungBoss Club! Welcome Boss!

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