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About Us

YungBoss Club of Nigeria is not one of those day to day peer to peer help platform that spring up from every corner with the intention to varnish like Willie Willie. YungBoss is built to stay and it is strictly for those who have the burning desire to fulfill their dreams, vision or purpose in life. Hence, we are here to make someone's dream come true. We are here to help you make hundreds of thousands of money; even millions, that can help you start that business through the power of Patience, donating, recycling and spreading the gospel according to YungBoss Club. Rome wasn't built in a day so it will be a gradual process. Peradventure you are here with the intention to hit and run. 10k or 20k for that matter, then you need help because that poverty and inferiority complex tag is still hanging around your neck. Please stay off because this platform is not for you or you repent and think big because together we can make it to become Oga at the top. Additionally, we are out to advertise your business for free on this platform as long as you are a dedicated member with several recycle.


AIM: To make u bring to reality those ideas, visions and dreams so you can become that Boss through the power of togetherness and determination __________________________ IDEOLOGY: According to Norman Vincent Peale, "Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." But do you know that even if your head is loaded with so much ideas and your pocket is empty, you will still be held back? We are in the era that people no longer help people financially just like that. As a matter of fact, when they notice you are a star in the making, they will rather look for means to oppress and shut u off. How cruel! Now, this is why Yungboss club of Nigeria was birthed. We believe in the power of togetherness because together, we can achieve our purpose and become that Boss

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